Eugene Weekly reader’s poll: Best Bike Shop

Thanks, Eugene Weekly readers, for choosing us yet again: Best Bike Shop every year since the category emerged in 2008!










The Weekly created the category when it separated bike shops from outdoor stores in 2008:

“Paul Nicholson’s uniquely Eugene bike shops have been an institution here for three decades. Paul and his savvy staff are truly dedicated to advocating for bikes as a way of life. As a city councilor, Nicholson was one of the strongest advocates for cycling the city has ever had. If you drive, give the planet a break and go buy a bike at Paul’s. If you bike, Paul’s will sell you some tires at a fair price, with a side of free tofu.”

Two years before the category even existed, we won “Best Bike/Outdoor Store” in 2006:

“Paul Nicholson views his business like a bicycle wheel: What goes around comes around. He hires friendly bike-lovers who, in turn, are good to customers who, in turn, learn to love Paul’s.

“This is, after all, Paul’s Bicycle Way of Life — a philosophy more than a business. So it’s no surprise when Nicholson starts getting deep on us. “I’ve always been a great devotee of Aristotle’s Nicomachaean Ethics,” he said. “What Aristotle said, essentially, was that ethics were driven by self-interest. The truth of the matter is that I’ve tried to treat my customers and employees in the best manner possible, and I’ve been feeling the reciprocal side of that. I’ve been trying to make sure what goes around is good.”

Gee, and we’d thought Paul’s won because of its cool bikes.”