Used bikes and “trading up”

Kids’ bikes

Every kid deserves a great bike! Get a guaranteed store credit toward the purchase of your youngster’s next bicycle when you trade in their old one. When you trade in a shop-quality kids’ bike, you will get at least $40 for a 24″ wheel bike, $30 for a 20″ wheel bike, $20 for 16″ and 12″ wheel bikes. Additionally, we will even offer $10 for a department store bike. These are guaranteed minimums, meaning that, even if we wind up donating your bike to a local co-op, you’ll still get a new bike at a reduced price. Bikes which we can actually sell or integrate into our rental fleet will be worth even more as trade-ins.

Adult bikes

Since 1986, we have offered customers the option of “trading up.” If you have a name-brand bicycle and want to avoid the time-consuming task of selling it yourself, come to either of our stores and ask a manager to evaluate your old bike’s trade-in value. Traditionally, this has worked best with hybrids, and other more basic bicycles that the typical used-bike customer is looking for in Eugene.

Until now, it’s been difficult for us to offer this service for bikes whose original retail value exceeded $800. Now, with help from Bicycle Blue Book, we can find new homes for high-end bikes as well! So if you want to upgrade your current road or mountain bike to the latest and greatest the industry has to offer, call ahead and make an appointment with a manager to get an on-the-spot trade-in value, and you can start shopping for your new dream bike!

In case you were wondering, Bicycle Way of Life only offers trade-in credit for your current bicycle. If you want to sell your used bike outright, we recommend listing it with services like Craigslist, eBay, or Pinkbike.