I purchased a Santa Cruz Blur from this bike shop in 2004.  The salesmanship and customer service I received at the time was top notch.


Recently, while riding in California, my frame broke in a severe fashion.  Fortunately I was completely unharmed.    Unfortunately, I was not able to locate my receipt to formally inquire with Santa Cruz about warranty options.


I certainly did not expect a bike shop to have retained a receipt from 13 years prior,  …something even I as the bike purchaser was unable to do.


Nevertheless, with a slim hope for the best, I called Paul’s Bicycle Way of Life, described my problem, and was immediately told by Jeff that there was a very good chance he could locate my receipt, as he felt their record keeping was that reliable.  Despite Jeff’s confidence, the reality of my experiences with numerous other businesses and their less-than-ideal record keeping left me doubtful of any success for a 13 year old receipt.  However, within 1 hour, Jeff and Virginia had located my receipt and sent me a copy via e-mail.


The eagerness of Jeff, Virginia, Alexander, …and the employees at Paul’s Bicycle Way of Life to assist a customer, 13 years after a sale, with an issue that was not going to bring any revenue into their shop, …is an indisputable testament to their extraordinary and exemplary customer service.


Apparently that is the way they do things at Paul’s.


The immaculate record keeping is one thing, …but customer service of the quality seen at Paul’s Bicycle Way of Life is rare, and inspiring to me as a customer.   I truly look forward to repaying their kindness and professionalism with years of continued purchases, and no doubt, many more favorable reviews.




Jason C.


My husband and I were recently shopping for a bike for our youngest daughter’s eighth birthday. We have purchased a few bikes from your shop and headed back to buy hers. We had an idea of what we were looking for and stopped at the downtown location first,  found something we were pretty sure we liked, then went over to the Alder shop just to see what you might have there.


In the end it came down to style and we bought her bike from the downtown location. However we were so impressed with Anders at the Alder shop that we wished the bike we wanted was there instead. He was incredibly helpful and very friendly. He really gave a good rundown of the pros/cons to different bikes we were looking at and brought others out for us to consider that weren’t on the floor, and did it all with a great attitude.


Thank you,

Katie L.

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