Oregon’s Bicycle Tax, and What We’re Doing About It.

As of January 1 2018, the Oregon Department of Revenue requires we collect a $15 excise tax on all new bicycles with wheels 26″ or larger which are propelled exclusively by human power and have a retail purchase price of $200 or more. Both the Oregonian and Bike Portland have published articles to help everybody understand what’s going on.

We cannot simply absorb this tax into our pricing. According to the state:

You must provide your customers with an invoice, receipt, or other similar proof-of-sale documentation with a separate line showing the tax they paid.

However, for the month of January, we are offering a $15 discount to every customer who buys a taxable bicycle. All you have to do is cut out our coupon in the Eugene Weekly.

Just for fun, if you use our coupon and have any perspective on the matter that you’d like to share with our state legislators, we invite you to hand-write it on the back of the coupon. At the end of the month, we’ll send our customers’ responses in on their behalf.