Tom Barrett, Master Mechanic
Downtown Shop (541) 344-4105

Tom has been fixing bikes for over 20 years, and he’ll tell you the most practical and durable bicycle design is often the simplest. Big Tom can seem a bit quiet, even reserved, until you ask him about the river. He has lots of videos on the Willamette and McKenzie on his YouTube channel. Tom commutes about 100 miles a week, year-round, on the crank-forward Rans Sequoia he built from the frame up.

Ask Big Tom about what you can do with aluminum and steel cans sometime; you’ll be amazed with his “hobo stove” stories and pictures.

Max Friday, Sales & Service
Alder Street Shop (541) 342-6155

Max ambled down from the mountains above Santa Cruz to the Willamette Valley to earn his degree in Product Design at the UO. Since graduation, he’s been spending as much time as possible outside while also growing the small business he started with friend and co UO/BWOL alum Zach Meyer.

Find him commuting via ridgeline on his vintage hardtail or shredding Alsea on his hawt new Trek Remedy.

gabeGabe Graves, Sales & Service, Grease Monkey, Flannel Advocate.
Downtown Shop (541) 344-4105

Degenerate fixie-kid turned mechanic cum laude, Gabe began working in the industry in 2013 and joined Bicycle Way of Life in March 2014.

Watch him wearing his other hat as a courier for the CCC and hear his punk band, Meathead in this neat video.


Calvin Hodge, Sales & Service.
Downtown Shop (541) 344-4105


Hailing from Yardley (near Philadelphia, PA), Calvin’s come to Oregon to study architecture at the University. He’s deferred his enrollment until after he’s established residency, netting him roughly $100,000 in tuition savings, compared with paying the out-of-state rate. He intends to invest the cost difference in a new mountain bike.


11141258_10102105279839236_1367178935729022969_nAl Hongo, Sales & Service, Master Mechanic, Outreach & Media Management, Basket Advocate.
Downtown & Alder Street Shop (541) 344-4105, (541) 342-6155

After breaking into the bicycle industry as a courier in 2008, Al worked at a few shops before joining our staff in the summer of 2013. With a background in city riding and touring, he may have more to say about locks, lights, fenders, bells, and baskets than you care to hear. He’s also game for any road ride that has more hills than headwinds, and will hang on as best he can on any dirt trail.

With more bikes than he knows what to do, Al commutes on whichever is on top of the pile when he’s on the way out the door. His favorite rides involve getting lost on gravel roads. Al is responsible for the lengthier posts on our Tumblr blog, “The Way.” He still moonlights as a courier with the CCC and directs the Moonlight Mash.

At the summitMichael Martin, Store Manager
Downtown Shop (541) 344-4105

Michael has been living a “Bicycle Way of Life” since his first ride in 1956. Along the way, he has explored just about every aspect of cycling. On a cross-country bicycle trip that led him from Pennsylvania to Eugene, he passed through Illinois, where he first met Paul, our founder.

At 60, he still a daily commuter, and a recreational rider, logging roughly 8,000 miles a year. Additionally, he has 25 years experience as a store manager at Bicycle Way of Life. If you’re interested in going for a ride up the nearest hill, or just want advice on where to explore by bicycle, just ask Michael.

His favorite route: any ride that goes uphill both ways.

austin-voodooAustin McKimmey, Sales & Service, E-bike Genius
Downtown Shop (541) 344-4105

Austin hails from pumpkin capital of the world: Morton, Illinois. He has been living the bicycle way of life here in Eugene since 2011. Austin is car-free, vegetarian, and one of the most humble people you’ll ever meet. His passions are cargo bikes, fat bikes, touring, printmaking, silkscreen, and block printing. On long rides, his favorite snacks are dried fruit, home-made peanut butter rice crispies, and pineapple juice.

Austin’s commuter bike is a Vooodoo Wanga, but you’ll see him out on his Haul-a-day or his Pugsley just as often. He someday hopes to own and ride a Winter.

If you’re looking for inspiration to ride, make, or smile, check out Austin’s Instagram.


Andrew Neill, Manager
Alder Street shop (541) 342-6155


With a background in ultra-endurance running, Andrew shifted to the bicycle industry about 15 years ago. He’s been actively road racing for 10 years and is a current member of the English Cycles team.

His wildest ride was riding over Pikes Peak to Garden of the Gods and back, climbing and descending 14,110ft. And exceeding 55mph. On a Bike Friday. His summary? “My legs were tired.”


PhotoPaul Nicholson, Partner Owner, Abbot
All Shops (541) 344-4105

Bicycle Way of Life is Paul’s terminal, accidental career. After stints as a restaurateur, photographer, school teacher, factory manager, graduate student, and writing instructor Paul became an accidental bicycle retailer on a $5 bet. His one insight about bike shops in Eugene; in a place that abounds in choices of products and places to buy them, only a great staff can deliver the service that will distinguish us.

Paul still loves the custom steel road bikes that were the rage when he first became enamored of bikes 40 years ago. Among his “way too many bikes” (according to Ginnie), are three Mercians including his first custom bike – a 1977 K.O.M., and a new fangled 2007 Trek Madone 5.9, considered by his staff to also be an antique.

chrisChris Norton, Sales & Service, Master Mechanic
Alder Street Shop (541) 342-6155

Chris started working as a part-time employee at Paul’s while still a student at the U. of O. and a star on the championship U. of O. women’s ultimate frisbee team. Like every Paul’s senior staff member, Chris is an expert mechanic and a practitioner of the Bicycle Way of Life.




IMG_1769Jeff Reynolds, Service Manager, Dirt Wizard
Downtown Shop (541) 344-4105

Jeff joined us in 2015 when he and his wife moved from San Diego to Eugene “because there’s trees and water here.” As our top mechanic, Jeff has “a s**t ton” of certifications, including everything Shimano, Fox, and Avid, and has worked in every kind of bike shop, from beach-side cruiser to triathlete-specific, back when he was in San Diego.

Jeff rides a Raleigh Tamland, a vintage 1989 StumpJumper, a Fuji Adventure Pro, and an Xtracycle built from an old Trek 820. An accomplished photographer, Jeff studied photography at San Diego Community College. See Jeff’s photos on Instagram and Facebook. Jeff loves to brew beer almost as much as he likes to consume it.

Matt & MaxMatt Ritzow, Partner Owner, General Manager
Downtown Shop (541) 393-0147

When he isn’t overseeing the operations of the Paul’s empire, Matt enjoys collecting pictures of himself holding large fish that he has caught (or so he claims). He also releases all of the large fish that he allegedly catches so we have yet to see proof that he isn’t merely taking pictures of the same plastic fish in different exotic locations.

In addition to his fishing delusions, Matt for many years has been one of Oregon’s premier road racers. If you need advice about road bikes, road racing, racing tactics, the racing scene, etc. talk to Matt, whose expertise in this area is real, unlike the fish.

By the way, Matt’s father owned a bicycle shop, so he has been in the bike business since he was old enough to hold a wrench (age 3). Matt has been a key staff member at Bicycle Way of Life for over 29 years.

Matt rides a Madone 6.5, Trek Fuel EX9, and commutes daily on his Crockett.

Favorite Ride: to the nearest drift boat or fishing hole.

View Matt’s race photos on Google+

Max Wells, Service
Charnelton Street Shop (541) 344-4105

Between raising his firstborn and pursuing a mechanical engineering degree at OSU, Max somehow finds time to turn wrenches for us downtown.




PhotoVirginia Xing, Partner Owner, Accounting, BWOL Team Manager
Alder Street & Downtown Shop (541) 632-3432

Those of you who have been with the company for a few years will not have forgotten Virginia Xing, our former ferocious office manager. Virginia is back again as our new performance analyst. Virginia moved back from Taiwan in March, 2011. She is sure to put the fear of Virginia back in your hearts so that no one will dare do his or her job less than perfectly.

On the other hand, Virginia is also actively involved in our community outreach program where she is busy inserting love of Paul’s Bicycle Way of Life in the hearts of local cyclists in the area. Perfect balance!

Virginia rides Trek Emonda slr and Trek Domane 6.9 wsd road bikes, Trek Procaliber 9.8 hardtail mountain bike, and Trek Boone 7 and Trek Crockett cross bikes . On top of road riding and racing, she also started her cyclocross racing season in 2012 and her passion for mountain biking in 2013. Virginia could be found at both the Alder Street store and our downtown Charnelton Street store.

BWOL Racing Team on Facebook