Mobile Repair Service

If your bike needs repair and you’re not able to bring it in yourself, our Mobile Service is the solution! We will pick up, repair, and drop off your bike for an additional fee. This service is available Tuesday and Friday from 10am to noon, with a 48 hour advance appointment and a $50 deposit (refundable only if cancelled 24 hours in advance of the scheduled pickup). To get started, please review our terms below and fill out our service pick up form with a chosen date and information on you and your bicycle. We will follow up in order to confirm details.



Distance: Must be within five miles radius of our downtown location.

Scheduling: If your bicycle is picked up Tuesday, we will return it Friday between 10am and noon. If your Bicycle is picked up Friday we will return it Tuesday between 10am and noon.

Minimum service: The minimum amount of service required for pick up is a major tune up of $99. We will do a full assessment of your bicycle and give you an estimate at the time of pick up.

Cost: A fee of $20 is required for this service. An extra $10 will be added in the case of a recumbent, trike, or cargo bike.

Delivery: If you simply need a bicycle dropped off, we can drop it in the allotted time for a $20-$30 fee.

Schedule your Repair and Pick-up

Commute Like a Pro:

An onsite seminar for businesses committed to employee health, community, and a sustainable future.

“Commute Like a Pro” is a skills workshop prepared by our ride-every-day, rain-or-shine staff. It’s designed to share bike commuting lessons we’ve learned (usually the hard way!) to bolster confidence for folks who already ride to work and to encourage and enable folks who are curious but concerned about bike commuting.

Benefits for employees and businesses include:

  • Productivity
    • Arrive to work energized, with a clear head, fresh air in your lungs, and a spring in your step!
  • Health
    • Skip the gym, the doctor, and the shrink! Enjoy increased cardiovascular fitness, a stronger immune system, and a daily dose of mood-improving endorphins.
  • Economy:
    • Bicycles more affordable to own and operate than motor vehicles. Furthermore, adding bicycle parking to a building is cheaper than expanding your parking lot!
  • Sustainability
    • Reduce your own dependence on foreign oil and keep our air fresh by driving that much less: in 2017 alone, Eugene’s Business Commute Challenge kept 98,413 pounds of CO2 out of our atmosphere!
  • Community
    • In addition to the inherent value of our seminar, we want your business to be recognized for its commitment to the aforementioned ideals; that’s why, at the end of the seminar, we’ll present your business with a certificate of participation. Furthermore, we ask permission to photograph the event and share it on our website and social media, and encourage you to do the same.

How it works

We’ll start by helping you select a date and time: one good option is to combine our seminar with another special day, like an all-staff meeting or company picnic. We’ll set up in a conference room or courtyard with our tools and materials. For the best experience, we will work with your organization to adapt our seminar to meet the specific challenges that your team might face in commuting. Following the seminar, your employees will have an opportunity to ask additional questions. For an additional investment, our staff can staff stay afterward to perform minor tune-ups on-site.

Seminar format

  • Introductions, setting intentions.
  • Wheel removal and re-installation.
    • Open brake system, QRs and nutted axles, torque spec, shifting to small/small, pulling the pulley, dropout alignment, close brake system
  • Tire removal, installation.
    • Bead construction, lever methods
  • Pressure.
    • Valve types, PSI ratings and effects,
  • Finer points of tires.
    • Tread patterns and materials
  • Lubrication.
    • Types of lubes. Drivetrain wear. Fenders & mudflaps.
  • Barrel adjusters.
    • Pad wear, wear indicators. Pad materials
  • Limit screws.
  • Accessories.
    • Safety
      • Route planning. Google maps smartphone app, Ridewithgps.
      • Light laws, brightness, beam size, shape, and orientation.
      • Helmets. Fit, adjustment, MIPS.
      • Reflective stickers, spokies, triangles, gloves
    • Security
      • Registration. “Make my bike ugly enough” myth
      • U-locks, sizes, places to lock, the NYC & Eug myth, the old pen trick, Anti-theft program, key-safe program.
        • Security skewers
    • Comfort
      • Bells. Municipal code, friendliness.
      • Fenders and mudflaps.
      • Racks, panniers, bungies and baskets.


  • Base rate: $150 for single seminar and up to 30 minutes round-trip travel time.
  • Plus rate: $60/hour for additional time to perform second seminars or on-site tune-ups.